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Newsletter March 2017

Challenge of the month : Say No To Ads!

This may be the simplest challenge I ever proposed you. Take a (little) piece of paper, write on it “No Junk Mail” and “no free newspaper” and stick it to your letterbox. Yet, I still found some junk mail in my letterbox but it hardly decreased. You may ask then: does it really have an impact?

Well, In the UK 550,000 tons of junk mail are distributed every year, that represents 16.5 billion liters of water. In France more than 40kg of junk mail are distributed per household every year. That represents 20kg of wood, 300L of water and around 120kWH of electricity used in the printing process. Moreover it uses heavy metal based ink and has a cost of 60€. Then, the paper has to be recycled and it costs 1€ for 10kg of paper that is carried by taxpayers...With a simple sticker you can save up to 300L a year and lots of money!

Still, the pizzeria nearby may answer you that without those mails, they won’t have enough customers to survive. And we do not want to kill local shops. What is the solution then? Once more, Go Digital!  On adblock you can allow non intrusive advertisement. Does that really bother you if you receive targeted commercial about your favorite pizzeria? The objective is then to convince local shops to use that internet commercial that is more efficient, greener and cheaper! Should be easy!

Recipe of the month : Veggie Burger

When a classic becomes a good excuse to go vegan.
Did you know? Beef is the most polluting ingredient you could eat. Not only do you need tremendous amount of water, food and land to raise cows, they also release polluting gas, require heavy transportation and great amount of cultivated land to be fed.

♡ Ingredients

- Goat cheese
- Honey
- Lime
- Apple chutney
- Roquette salad 
- Vegan steak

One Campus, One Good Deal



Tired of eating junk food during lunch break? You should go discover Mama Campo, located in the amazing neighborhood of Trafalgar. This brand new artist’s studio offers various types of Mediterranean food and insured its customers they only work with small producers. Next to the restaurant you can find an “ecotaberna”. Here you should definitely try the vegetal wrap or la limonada casera. The perfect alliance between a stylish place and healthy food.


Hippie District - Bricklane
If you want to see one of the remaining hippie community - go to Bricklane to see their district. They incredible street art and food there



Are you worried about Germany shutting down all of its nuclear power plant before 2022? Or on the opposite do you think it is a good idea? Then join the discussion Tuesday 16th at Cafe Sybille and find out what the matter at hand really is!

A good deed a day, keeps doomsday away

This one is very simple. The same way you shut down the light when you leave a room, you should turn off your computer or TV or other types of electronics when you are not using them. A computer used on average 100 W an hour when on. Sleep mode still uses between 50 W and 140 W depending on your computer. If you can put it in Deep Sleep mode for short breaks, the best thing to do is to turn it off, even for 20-30 minutes breaks.
Bonus fact: your phone consumes more than a refrigerator over a year. If you don’t use it as your alarm clock, why not turn it off during the night?

Every day a little better

Véritable, a foodtech startup, now enables you to grow vegetables inside your flat with connected vegetable gardens. It aims at urban people who don't know / don't have time to garden.

Who said sport couldn't be sustainable?

What a news ?! Paris marathon wants to copy the now famous Trekk from ESCP Europe ! Do you believe it ?

Goal for 2019 : a marathon with neutral carbon footprint. OK, let’s be honest, they will have a lead compared to us in that matter …

26 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent : this is the carbon balance of the marathon in 2016, 93% of which come from air transport for the runners coming from far away.

Solution is raising awareness of course !

Furthermore, the organisers will pledge to use only vehicles with a hybrid drive by 2019, the Paris public transport company will try to convince people to use public transports instead of their cars to reach the start of the race … but on no account to run the race !

Reforestation operations are bound to be held too … I told you they are copying us !

In a nutshell, a greener marathon to have the runners not feel blue at the finish line of the race !

Sustainable Development In The Future

A rechargeable battery. “What? It already exists for years …”. For sure and I hope you use them as often as you can. But this battery offers a larger scope of using.
First, you can charge it on your computer with an USB port. No need to plug into an electrical outlet. Then the major point of improvement: the battery is made for its traditional use but also to act as a portable charger for most electronic devices. An easy way to extend the functioning period of your smartphone.
No excuses for not using rechargeable battery right now!

Somewhere on the internet

5 apps to make your phone eco-friendly!
1. 90 days: You want to change your habits step by step? This app is perfect for you. It is a personal assistant for an ecological change in your daily life: housework, finance, food... See you in 90 days!


2. Ecocompare: You want to consume better but you don’t know what to buy? Try this app. Just scan the bar code and find if the product is eco-friendly or if you must choose another one.

3. Goodplanet: an advice a day to improve your habits and to understand better the environmental challenges. What are you waiting for? This app has been created by Yann Arthus Bertrand’s foundation.

4. Trash out: this app enables you to locate and report fly ripping in your neighbourhood, your city, or anywhere else in the world. More than 25 000 fly tips have been located so far!

5. Blablacar: no need to introduce the app, but good to remember that sharing cars is not only a way to save money, but also a way to save the planet!

Star Trekk' ESCP Europe
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