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WEST Berlin

Our Weekend in Berlin

On the first of April, the whole Star Trekk’ team gathered in Berlin to make the final arrangements for our trek! The city of ecology and alternative thinking was the perfect place for our team-building weekend. Six members of Star Trekk’ had already been living in Berlin for 4 months or more, so we had a chance to discover the city from a local standpoint.

On Saturday we enjoyed a German sausage barbecue at Tempelhof, the airport of West-Berlin that received all the supplies from the American airlift during the Cold War. Today, Tempelhof is not an airport anymore. The former runways are now covered with grass, and host many collaborative gardens where urban dwellers can grow vegetables in big wooden wheelbarrows and crates: very sustainable!

We then had a stroll along Friedrichstrasse and Gendarmenplatz, a beautiful Italian like square, where two identical churches face one another. We visited the Holocaust memorial.

At 18:30 we all came back to Ninon’s house for the longest meeting in our life: 4 hours of debates and decision-makings about every little detail of the trek, to make sure it will be perfect for you!

As a reward, we then enjoyed a German beer in a rooftop in Neukölln: So Berlin!

On Sunday, we tasted the best kebab in Berlin, even better than Mustapha Kebab some say, and strolled in Mauer Park flea market. We visited the Wall memorial and its museum and at 3 o’clock we were back in Mauer Park for the famous Sunday Karaoke! There were nearly 200 people listening to singers from all around the world, with varying degrees of talent. A French girl even sang Les Champs Elysées!

In a word, we had a wonderful and productive team-building weekend:
Brace yourselves, Trekk’ 2017 is coming!

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